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Z3X BoX Samsung Update. Samsung Tool 13.4 Update. 2 weekly updates now )
GSM™ Support TeaM on 11/23/2012 at 6:52pm (UTC)
 Added new phones:

- support sgh-I847 (direct unlock/imei repair (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i857 (direct unlock/imei repair (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support GT-n7105 (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support GT-i9210 (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i717 (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i717d (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i717m (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i717r (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i317 (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i577 (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)
- support sgh-i667 (direct unlock (NO PATCH), flashing)

Improved system log:

- added information about selected port
- added information about selected speed
- added information about selected phone
- added save function for all log


- a707 unlock via uart cable.

Now upload total 1TB files on our support.
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[b]We have been operating in the marketplace of construction as well as repair work for over 16 years, for that reason we supply specialist companies for the reconstruction as well as repair of the fronts of buildings for any kind of objective.[/b]
Staff members of the business possess the necessary approvals and also permits to accomplish restoration operate at any sort of elevation. Our company are ready to accomplish repair work of buildings as well as buildings that remain in any type of shape at an ample opportunity and also economical rates.

It promises proficient and also specialist satisfaction of its own duty, executes the development of each object observing the dreams of the consumer, adhering the concept of an private method.
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The company's professionals offer cleansing with the assistance of modern technologies, have unique tools, and likewise have actually certified cleaning agents in their arsenal. Along with the above benefits, glass of wines supply: favorable prices; cleansing quickly; premium quality outcomes; greater than 100 positive evaluations. Cleaning offices will certainly help keep your office in order for the most efficient work. Any kind of company is exceptionally vital ambience in the group. Cleaning up solutions that can be purchased inexpensively currently can aid to organize it as well as supply a comfortable area for labor.

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Avatorbox New V6.513 (The Amazing) New Most Wanted Service Tool For Chinese Phones
GSM™ Support TeaM on 11/23/2012 at 6:51pm (UTC)
 Avatorbox NX Ver6.513 (2012-11-23)

1£؛ [SPRD] SC6530 supported
2£؛ [SPRD] SC6800H supported
3£؛ [SPRD] SC6800H1 supported
4£؛ [SPRD] SC6800H2 supported
5£؛ [SPRD] SC6803 supported
6£؛ [SPRD] SC8800G supported
7£؛ [MTK] MT625A supported
8£؛ [MTK] MT6250DA supported
9£؛ [MTK] MTK Unlock Function Improved
10£؛ [MTK] MTK Touch Screen Calibration Improved
11£؛ [MTK] MT6252 USB Download supported - (testing)
12£ [MTK] Tracker improved
13£ [SPRD] SPD 6610/20 Flashing Perfection
14£ [SPRD] SPD 6600L Flashing Perfection
15£؛ [ALL] more new Flashs supported
16£؛ [ALL] Box Register / Authorisation Tab

Bug fixes:
1£ ؛bug fixes

Download : http://support.smart-gsm.net/support/Avator%20Box/Avatorbox-V_6.513.rar

Miracle Eagle Eye 1.32 22 Nov 2012 TRUE SPD UPDATE
GSM™ Support TeaM on 11/23/2012 at 2:01am (UTC)
 Version :
[ 1.32 ]

Description :

1.MTK Fix 6250D(625A) bug for writing.
2.Spd update finding unlock method.
3.Spd add new flash IC.
4. SPD add 8810/6820 to Repair IMEI and format.
5.SPD support COM port to Repair IMEI.
6.Firmware updated.
7.Fuzzy Logic Function Improved.

Download : http://www.4shared.com/folder/W8sII_DW/Miracle_Eagle_Eye.html

NsPro v.6.5.2 released
GSM™ Support TeaM on 11/23/2012 at 1:54am (UTC)
 GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Unlock by NsPro

-Added i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini full support.
-Added I547, T869, T879 support.
-Added IMEI repair for S5830, B6520, B7330, B7350, I5500, I5510, S5570, S5660, S5670.
-Added support for new security on S5360, S5839i.

Download : http://www.nsteam.org/small/NsPro%20v6.5.2%20small.exe

VolcanoBox 1.7.3 Released MTK Andriod EMMC Flash Format & CDMA Read info & more...
GSM™ Support TeaM on 11/23/2012 at 1:52am (UTC)
 Whats new?

World's 1st Added MTK Andriod EMMC Flash Format Address
World's 1st Added MTK Andriod EMMC Flash Format
Adjust MTK 6253 encryption
Added CDMA Read info
Modify to make more stable CDMA ESN/MEID Repair
Added New Manuals (x:Program FilesVolcano TeamVolcanoBoxDocuments & HelpPDF Manual)
Added CDMA Drivers (x:Program FilesVolcano TeamVolcanoBoxDriversCDMA Drivers)

Download : http://www.gpgdragonsupport.com/ftppro/Volcano/New%20Setups/VolcanoTool_v1.7.3_Full_Installer.rar

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.56 released: N9/N950 User Data recovery and more
GSM™ Support TeaM on 11/22/2012 at 9:56pm (UTC)
 - USB Flashing Improved
- Maemo/MeeGo error handling improved

- User Data features improved :
- Added User data recovery from N9/N950 MeeGo phones
* Allow extract user data (Gallery, PhoneBook, Messages, e.t.c.) from Locked phones
* Allow extract user data (Gallery, e.t.c.) from partialy HW damaged phones (If APE sub and NAND alive)
* Allow extract user data (Gallery, e.t.c.) from partialy SW damaged phones (Wrong flash, e.t.c. , NOT WIPED)

- New N9/N950 Service Features :
- Disable User code added
* Disable phone lock code and security sub , allow acess to Gallery, Phonebook, Messages and e.t.c. on Locked phone

- Other
- Some small bugfixes
- Stuff Files updated
- Ini updated

Download : http://server1.infinity-best.com/download/index-1.php?dir=software/&file=InfinityBox_install_BEST_v1.56.rar

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